NeoNail is a leading international company which offers a wide range of UV nail polish and nail polish.


For more than 10 years, NeoNail has remained close with the customers and continue to offer unique and innovative products. They are famous for our extraordinary UV nail gel polish, which offer more than 200 colors to choose from.


They are a brand for the salon sector, and have a comprehensive full range from: professional accessories for manicures and pedicures of the highest quality to nail care products and equipment.

Feminine. Innovative. Modern - that's what the NeoNail brand stands for.


Bloomade was founded out of the passion to nail styling and experimenting with colours.


Our mission is to inspire our Customers to be creative and let their imagination run free. In Bloomade we wish to bring variety to the Danish beauty market and to provide nail care products for affordable prices.


We always prioritize the quality and safety features of our products, as we test them personally before offering them on the website. We strongly believe that everyone will find something for themselves as our offer is suitable for both experienced professionals and private Customers who love to experiment.


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